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We’re looking to hire Professional Visitation Monitors with Social Services experience!

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Professional Visitation Monitors


  • The monitor must be able to fulfill needed hours for each case assigned to
  • POSITION SUMMARY: The Supervised Visitation Monitor is responsible for supervising the visits to ensure a safe, secure environment and completing appropriate documentation
  • Supervise the visit between non-custodial parents and their child(ren)
  • This includes monitoring and, if necessary, intervening with the parent or child when inappropriate behaviors are demonstrated;
  • Report, as soon as possible, any problems or concerns regarding the child, parent, or issues at visitation;
  • Monitor and document interactions during a supervised visit on visitation summary reports;
  • Terminate the supervised visitation if the visit becomes harmful to the child;
  • Maintain a professional relationship with parents, family members, and children;
  • Be prompt in keeping appointments and adhering to agreed-upon schedules;
  • Record time, mileage, and supervised visitation on required documents
  • Turn in reports and forms by the due date;
  • Inform the Coordinator of vacations, illness, etc
  • That would necessitate a substitute Aide, with as much advance notice as possible
  • Respect the visitation site location rules regarding visitation procedures; and
  • Abide by the agency’s confidentiality standards

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